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We will also advise on how and where to spend the money aside from the fact that we manufacture and export undetected counterfeit money. We ship our banknotes to all nations, so we can provide you wherever you are. I have been disadvantaged before but I know how bad it has been to survive without resources for stress. We do our utmost to minimize world poverty. Let's fight this for us. Join us. You must knock on the door which leads to your destiny and you are timely.

All banknotes are printed with true holograms and each has a distinct serial number. The layer for each denomination is already etched, built front and back of the different currencies. Any note will be tested in a big way, including UV light, pen checks, and several other counterfeit cash-detection tests. Orders are packed along with serial seals to ensure banknotes are safe from airport authorities from injury, leakage, failure, or inspection. For the fulfillment of your order, very stable, and secure. Normally the price point is 10% of the appropriate volume (shipping and handling fee included).