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We are IT technicians and manufacture Mega COUNTERFEIT MONEY for all currencies. We are skilled IT technicians. Our notes are manufactured both industrial and technical. 20% cellulose and 80% cotton paper are used to produce high-quality paper components. Our bills include an IRD that allows our bills to circumvent UV equipment, Pen checks, and even eye recognition purchase falsified experts. A denominational number "100" is given to the flower design which is imprinted on both the front and back of the vertical band next to the watermark opening. Half the numeral on the front and a half on the reverse were written. Both the written parts are correctly reported back to back such that when displayed against the light, the number tends to be one. This section includes a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, multi-directional lines, and an electrotype label that displays the denominational number 100. These can be best seen if the banknote is kept against the light. 2 mm thick protection thread with " Bharat in the Devanagari script " and inscriptions and a peculiar color change from green to blue, if seen from various angles. The reverse fluorescence is yellow and the text is fluoresced under ultraviolet light on the front. When put up to the light, the thread is apparent as a straight line from behind.

The quality of our notes is AAA+.

holograms and strips of holography
The Microscope
Ink and thread silver -
IR Sensing
Ultraviolet characteristics
To display characteristics
Various numbers of serials
These characteristics make our bills 100% undetected
 In one of these places 100% safe and safe to use

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